Monday, October 29, 2012

Dangriga firestation

It feels strange to be travelling on my own again. I haven't done this in practically a year. With a couple of exceptions; but in general I always travelled with someone.

The boat ride went really smooth. I was sitting right before the engines because I thought the junping was goingt to be less than in the forward. Everything was nice and I was taking a nice nap when I felt my face wet. It was raining and it didn't stop for the remaining of the ride... 1,5 hours.

Finally we made it to Big Creek where all the passengers had our passports stamped. Most of them kept going to Placencia which is more touristy and only a few of us stayed in order to go to Dangriga. It's worth to say that the boat company offers free ground transportation to Dangriga, about 80km.

From the bus station I walked a bit and found a small spot on the beach where I sat and ate the sandwiches that Benilda (Dario's wife made for me). It was awesome to have the Caribbean Sea in front of me, I felt insignificant compared to the greatness of the sea.

I had already looked upon where was the firestation and policestation. I walked by it trying to find another place to sit and read for a while, I found a concrete bench in front of the sea and waited for an hour to ask the firemen. Actually, I'm writting this words sitting on a firemen truck (I write first in a notebook and the the internet) I slept that night. It's only 18.05. I wish it was later. I wish it was time to go to sleep. I set the alarm for 5.00 because I would like to see the sunrise. The beach is only 50m away. Tomorrow I have to make it to Tulum sometime in the afternoon, before sunset.

The mosquitoes are eating me ALIVE!!!!


ricbee said...

I took the boat ride from Belize(the ends of the earth,if there is one)to Guate many years ago.

ron said...

wait, when were you in Guate, you didn't tell me that before!