amazing things seen or done

These are some of the amazing things seen or done during my travels, the ones I can remember anyway.  This page will updated everytime I see or do an amazing thing.

had my fastest ride from Linz, Austria - München, Germany @ 250kph in a BMW 730d.
had my slowest ride from  Granada, Nicaragua to 5 km further down the road @ 1,5kph? on a horse cart.
hitchhiked several buses in Honduras, Turkey and Colombia.
hitchhiked taxis in Portugal, Colombia and Estonia.
rode on top of a bus (a few times) in Nicaragua.
volunteered in the Roskilde music festival in 2010 and 2011. 
hottest place: Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua @ (what it felt like) 50ºC!
some of the places I've slept: half built house (Romania @ -20C), abandoned hotel (Bulgaria - Turkish border), churches (orthodox in the Turkish - Greek border; catholic in Ecuador, Panama, Guatemala; protestant in Guatemala), fire stations (Nicaragua, Colombia, Panama, Belize), petrol stations (all over Europe and Colombia), restaurants (Bulgaria, Colombia, Nicaragua), half built building (Colombia).
longest ride with the same driver: ~1900 km. Vincent took me from Greece across Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Croatia to Slovenia.
had sex with a Danish rockstar. ay mama!
hitchhiked a boat in Amsterdam and ended up cruising the canals and partying for 6 hours.
listened the Dalai Lama give a speech my first time in Estonia.
hitchhiked a sailboat from Portobelo, Panama to Cartagena, Colombia.
hitchhiked a motorbike in Colombia.
hitchhiked a beer truck in Colombia.
hitchhiked a sailship from Cartagena, Colombia to Carti, Panama.
In 657 (as of 18.04.2013) that I have been in Europe I have never paid one single night of accomodation. I'm not counting money for paying rent. 

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