Sunday, August 18, 2013

was this a travel blog?

Last year I decided that I was not going to write only about traveling. I decided that I was going to write about whatever I feel like. Maybe lately I have writing a lot about everything except traveling!

Well, this post is dedicated to... papaparapaprapapapan... traveling!

Every year since 2008 there is a big event called The Hitchgathering. The first year it was held was back in 2008.  The organizer always play with the dates: 8/8/8, 7/8/9, 6/8/10.

The first event was in Paris and it was not called hitchgathering, back then it was Project 888 (I think). 2009 was in Ukraine, I don't remember the exact location.  For 2010 I was already in European soil and after meeting Jass in København and he telling me to go to Casa Robino (which I did) and meeting a lot of people that are still my friends to this day, I found out that the gathering was going to be in Portugal. I was in Holland, not far (?) from Portugal. Besides the fact I have never been there and hearing that hitchhiking in Spain was tough, I decided to go. I met more nice people in the pre-gatherings I went: Lyon, Barcelona and Lisboa. Didn't make it to Sines tho. Went back to Germany hitchhiking nonstop for 2,5 days.

The gatherings:
Paris - 08.08.08
somewhere in Ukraine - 07.08.09
Sines, Portugal - 06.08.10
don't remember the number nor the date but it was in Kara Dere, Bulgaria
near Ambraziskiai, Lithuania - 04.08.12
and my first gathering near Lazisko - 03.08.13

no,  few photos from the event...