about me

Hola, I'm Ron

Son. Traveler. Hitchhiker. Nomad. Very good at making poop.

I was born very young but then grew up. It was a terrible idea, don't grow up... it's a trap! maybe that's the reason why I behave like a 12 year old.

In 2008 I met an Spaniard the helped discover my thumb and ever since I practically hitchhike every where. After traveling for a year around Guatemala meeting a few long term travellers I asked myself why couldn't I do the same. A year had to go by until one morning I woke up and I thought it was time for me to go. I told my dad that I was leaving (I was working for the family company) and left. It was the chilly morning of November 14th of 2009.

I've hitchhiked in every country I've ever been, except the USA and Sweden. I started hitchhiking in Guatemala but most of my experience I gained it hitchhiking in Europe. I hitchhiked the entire length of Central America a few times in both ways (North to South and South to North)

You could ask yourself, how the hell does he keep traveling for this long? Easy answer: I work or volunteer (mostly work) along the way. I was in the South of Germany with less than 100€ in my pocket and no return ticket, or to anywhere for that matter. We had this conversation more or less:

Ron: I'm very, vely low on money. I need to find a way to make some, soon!
Tine: You'll figure something out, stop worrying. At least you are here.
R: I know, but I cannot stay here forever. I need to be useful, I need to do something.
T: Why don't you work in a hostel?
R: I've never worked in a hostel before.
T: How hard can it be?

A couple of weeks later I found myself living in Prague, Czech Republic. With that experience it was easier to find another hostel to work. Krakow, Poland. Tallinn, Estonia and Berlin, Germany followed as I kept moving around Europe and Panama City, Panama when I was working my way to South America.
If I can't find a paying job I also do work exchange (work for food and bed). I found a small hostel to volunteer for a week in the Poneloya, on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. And a few months later in Santa Elena (near Medellin) and Armenia, Colombia.

After an emotional year living in Estonia, both in a small village by the Baltic Sea and in Tallinn it was time to move again.  was getting comfortable again. Not that is anything wrong with it but it's not me. Now I'm looking to explore another country. I will try from now on to travel as slow as possible.  

My preffered mode of transportation is hitchhiking. I'm trying to hitch a ride in every mean possible, so far: horse cart, ambulances, buses, trucks, sports cars, boat, ship, hippy van, motorbikes...

I don't know where I'm going next. I don't know where the wind will take me tomorrow. Like Bruce Dickison once said: "where I go I do not know, I only know the place I've been"... 

some random party in Tallinn, October 2013
photo by Matt
photo by Mitchell
Christmas 2009 in San Francisco
photo every hitchhiker probably has. Berlin - Praha
September 2010

in Bulgaria, 1 km from Turkey
January 2011

worst day in my hitchhiking career, no one picked me up. Colombia
June 2012

"we don't bite" and didn't work. Austria
July 2010


Stefan said...

Lol, i had to laugh at your Colombia picture. No one picked you up all day? Man i have the feeling, Colombia is by far the worst country i have been in. Greetings out of Bogota, Stefan

ron said...

looking back is kinda funny: getting stuck there and everything. we had to take the bus from Santa Marta to Cartagena.

for the worst countries, in no particular order are: Colombia, Italy and Switzerland.

greetings from Lagos, me