Sunday, October 28, 2012

on the road again

After the peculiar conversation I had with the policeman I walked 300m to the "bus station". Of course I tried to hitch but it was raining so after 20 min, the bus came and I was on my way to Puerto Cortes.

The boat office closes at 16.00 on sundays so I thought about dropping by to check it out if I make it earlier... long story short/ I did make it earlier and I got a 10$ discount thanks to my bargain skills learnt while travelling South America.

I tried to hitch again but I was once again unlucky. But I let pass three buses before getting onto one. I was going to San Pedro Sula, Honduras second city in importance and size, to visit my friend Dario and his family. The last time I saw them was when I  was just starting my travels, actually during my second stop. The bus dropped me off at the main bus terminal and from there I walked more or less almost Dario's house. Almost because night caught me before and I hat to take refuge inside a petrol station. He picked me up a short while later.

Meeting with him was great, I felt that not three years went by but only a few days since my last visit. They made sure that I felt at home, and I did! I stayed only two nights but quality prevailed over quantity. My welcome was a baleada dinner... yummy.

But monday came and I had to take the boat that was taking me to Belize.


Ting said...

Querido hermano, ojala que tomaras bastante baleadas con mis porciones incluido! no puedo imaginar que no estemos en Teguz cuando volveras a Honduras de nuevo..cuidate y disfrute todos hermano, especialmente las riquisimas baleadas! abrazotes, Ting

ron said...

me recorde de ustedes cuando estaba comiendolas. mucho tiempo paso desde la ultima vez que lqs comi