Sunday, October 28, 2012

wait, what?

Enough of all the melancholic-depressive shit...

I had this conversation with a policeman on the Honduran side of the border:

- policeman: passport. Where are you from?
- Ron: here's my ID. I'm from Guatemala.
policeman looking at me.
Ron looking back at the policeman thinking  why the hell is h looking at him that way.
- pm: were you living in Guatemala legally?
I thought, what kind of question is that?
- R: I'm originally from there.
- pm: but, did you work there legally?
- R: I was born there!
- pm: you don't look Guatemalan.
- R: I get that a lot. Would you like to buy a leatherman?


ricbee said...

I 2tednndm
claim to be Mexican,but nobody believes me either.

Anonymous said...

i like the "would you like to buy a leatherman" line aahahha


Maximus said...

........y finalmente ke putas te dijo el Fucking policeya vos ?? hahahha
Te miró cara de TAliban o cara de Majunche del perú o ke rollo entonces............hahahha