Friday, November 2, 2012

Thumbing again

I think that what bit me when I was sleeping inside the truck were not mosquitoes...

So much for watching the sunrise. The entire night was raining on and off and whatever it was bitting me plus the million mosquitoes flying by my ears made sure I didn't sleep confortable. By 4.15 I finally got up and started to get ready. I thanked the firemen and I was at the bus station by 4.45 and end up taking the 5.00 bus to Belize City  which was good because I made it there very early. Taking the bus one hour later would have gotten me to Belize City one and a half hours later. I was getting my exit stamp almost at midday but Mexico observes daylight savings timeso it was almost 13.00. I needed to pee real bad so by the time I was out of immigration I saw my bus leaving. Some Belizean guy asked me something about something else and he offered me a ride to the turn off to Chetumal, the place I was going to get off the bus anyway. I walked towards the highway and asked a guy if he could take me and he took me to Bacalar. Each ride found in seconds.

When I arrived in Bacalar it was pouring. Actually started to rain when I was in te back of the pickup. After a while the rain stopped and perhaps 20 minutes later I was being dropped at the turn off to Buena Vista. The driver suggested I should take a "colectivo" to Carrillo Puerto, which is a bigger town and cars go slower, instead of waiting in the middle of nowhere where cars were going fast. I didn't take the colectivo. No one was stopping. I waving my arm at trucks, worked in Colombia, I thought why it wouldn't work here. It didn't, with trucks. I kept waving anything that was approaching and changed to the thumb sign when the car was closer. This worked! The woman that stopped, drove me to somewhere. Started to rain again so I finished making the "Tulum" sign inside a shop. Suddenly, I saw a pickup pulling over in front of me and the window rolled down. The woman showed me  my mobile that had fallen out of my trousers. I don't know how far was she but she drove back just to give me back the mobile. AMAZING!

It stopped raining so I walked again to the speedbump to start thumbing again. Luis, a computer engineer working for IBM drove me to Felipe Carrillo Puerto. I was know 100km away from Tulum. I had to walk a few kilometers to a good spot. I walked past where the main street joins the ring road to form again highwy 307 North. I was already thinking what would happen if I don't make this night, no one was stopping. It was past 16.00, actually almost 17.00. The sun was going down and I was not going to hitch at night. Maybe fro, a petrol station but for sure not from the side of the road. There was a petrol station some 500m away. I as thinking all this when a VW Transporter stopped, I got in and about an hour later I was in Tulum trying to call my couchsurfer.


ricbee said...

When I first went to Tulum,there were only a few shacks & the cabana hotel(& the nude beach). The Ruins were wide open to anyone. Now there's a city of many 1,000's all around.

Sir Maximus said...

Me llegas mijo,,,,,,,,,,tan deahuevo tus historias........Te deseo suerte como siempre y que estès bien !