Friday, November 23, 2012

just when I was about to...


It's funny how life can be.
It's funny the way life can treat you.
It's funny how life can seem unfair.
It's funny how life's a bitch.
It's funny how life can laugh at your face and poke you in the eyes.
It's funny how it took me to several hours in two days to write the draft for this entry in my notebook. I was proud of myself and happy of what I finished writing yesterday but I'm not going to publish it. I'm writing what comes to my mind right now, fuck the draft! But I may use parts of it, I don't know. Most likely... maybe.

I sent emails to several hostels in Vilnius, Wrocław, Prague, Budapest, Zagreb, Bratislava, Hamburg, Zürich and München, Given the amount of emails I sent, I had a higher percentage of replies this time than back in 2010. And actually an even higher percentage of hostels interested in yours truly! Actually I saw that coming because in 2010 I had zero experience in hosteling, Now I do: I've worked or volunteered in hostels in Czech Republic, Poland, Guatemala, Estonia, Germany, Nicaragua, Panama and Colombia.

I could play a song for almost each moment in my life. My life could be an endless music video, a medley of thousands of songs.

I've been to a park with Paula near her flat several times before. It's full of cute little squirrles, but the damn creatures never come close to me, not even when I'm trying to give them nuts, only maybe once or twice. The other time I was alone walking my way through the park in question. I still had a few nuts from the last time we were there. I reached for them because I saw a squirrel not far from me. Next thing I know I had one climbing up my trousers and 10 seconds later another one in my other leg! In total I had 4 squirrels fighting for my nuts! (hahaha that sounded funny), then 2 little old ladies were offering me some booklets and I said "nie rozumiem polskiego" and smiled at me. That made my day. I just sat for more than an hour watching people pass.

I want to see the Tatra mountains. Paula told me that they have been there for thousands of years. Indeed that is true, BUT I won't be around for thousands of years.

Looking at the facebook page of one of the hostels that replied to my email, I read this quote. Maybe life wants to play a trick on me one more time because I started to think, a lot...

"I can't change the direction of the wind but I can adjust the sails to always reach my destination."

It's getting cold and will only get colder.

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