Friday, November 2, 2012

pollo al cabron / wasabiiiii

Only a few times have I sent a couchrequest with a week in advance. Tulum was one of those times. Browsing through the few profiles I found interesting I ran across Bumpei's profile. I started to read it and came to the conclussion that I wanted to stay with him. I was going to meet with André there. Bumpei agreed to host us. For those of you who doesn't know who's André, I worked with him summer of last year in Estonia. Staying with Bumpei and meeting with André after 1,5 years  was something else. It was the perfect combination.

This was my fourth time in the Yucatán penninsula but twice of those times I've only gone through. First time I stayed in Playa del Carmen, this time I chose the cute little town of Tulum. One point to its favor is the existence of a mayan ruin complex referred as Tulum ruins that is right on the seaside. To be honest, I wanted to visit the ruins since a long time and now I was finally there. The ruins themselves are far from being impressive, but what it's impressive is standing on the edge of a small cliff with a mayan temple behind you and the vast turquoise Caribbean Sea right under your nose. One other thing that made the experience great was that we got in for free!

Tulum is actually very small. You can walk through it  in less than one hour. We actually walked to the ruins, it took me and André about an hour and they're like 5 km away. Highway 307 going to from Chetumal to Cancun is the main street when it goes through town. Is where most bars/cafés/restaurants are located.

The following day, we hitchhiked to the nearbeach of Akumal, where if you're lucky  you can swim with turtles. I wasn't. Very small beach, very turquoise waters. Kinda crowed, but overall; worth to go.

For my last night in the continent, Bumpei made delicious sushi and another meat dish that, both were extraordinary. Some mojitos and later it was to go out for one.

Like me and André just proved, it's not goodbye but see you later...

See you sometime somewhere CARBONES!!!

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