Sunday, November 4, 2012

Back in the B

Finally the day of the flight had arrived. It's been almost a year that I had been in the tropics, in Latin America, in Cancun airport. Three months out of those 11 were spent in Guatemala. Half travelling and half... well, you know.

I didn't want to hitch to the airport from Tulum because I didn't want to risk missing the plane. Unlikely to happen but I played it safe and took the bus straight to the airport. Check-in was at 13.00, bus ride was 2 hours. I took the 9.00 bus so I could have enough time to call my mum in Guate before leaving. I couldn't call because I couldn't get online with my tablet. I borrowed someone's iPhone to send a couple of SMS I needed/wanted to send. For a change, when I showed my passport at the counter, they had to make sure that I was out of Schenguen for 90 days. Blah!

What laid ahead of me was a 10 hour trasatlantic flight. I'm not very fond of flying  but what other option did I have? It all went well. I tried to sleep as much as I could to not think about anything, mainly the flight itself, and I think I slept a lot but I didn't rest because when the crew turned on the lights to serve breakfast I still felt very tired and that I could keep sleeping.

Ever since I traveled in non-Schengen Eastern Europe and the Balkans, where it took me  at least one hour to enter each country, I get anxious when I'm about to enter a country. I even got anxious when entering fucking Nicaragua a few months ago! FUCK! Anyways, it took me 30 seconds go get into Europe. I think I broke my personal record this time.

I was back in BXL (Bruxelles/Brussel/Brussels). I walked to Wim's flat from the North Station hoping for him to be there. He was. In the afternoon we hitched to Hasselt because one of his friends was throwing a housewarming party. It was a costume party but of course I wasn't wearing any costume, I barely have clothes nowadays! The party was good but I was very tired and very jetlaged. I met with some people I knew. The next day we hitched back to BXL. It was nice to hang out with Wim. One evening we went to Kat's flat to cook and eat with some couchsurfers staying with her.

I'm back in Europe. Now it's time to find my happy place and be happy.

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