Wednesday, May 23, 2012

where are we going to sleep? ...again

We hitched to Bahía de Caráquez (from now on just Bahía) on the other side of the bay. Not very ig and certainly not bigger than San Vicente, but completely different. In San Vicente there were no buildings and Bahía has lots of them. Most of them are apartment buildings. We walked around and watched the sun go down on the beach. By the way, the town has two beaches: one the bay side and the other on the ocean side. We were on the ocean side.

We were looking for the firestation and again they were not nicer than the previous firemen we asked. And again they gave every bullshit excuse to NOT let us stay. So we went to the Catholic church again. The priest wasn't there. Again. So I talked to the secretary that was actually a bit rude when she told me that we had to wait because they were in a meeting. We were sitting in front of the church when an old woman asked us if we were waiting for someone. After I told her our story she said to wait for her for thirty minutes in front of her house because she might be able to help us... we stayed with Cristina for two nights.

Cristina is retired and runs a day care center and it was there where we slept. Not sure if she do this often but she had a mattress. It was a nice stay. She's kind of a famous citizen of Bahía: when the new bridge linking town to San Vicente was opened, she was the first person to walk on it from one side to the other. She even did it before the president himself officially opened it.

Coming back from a walk to the bridge we had a ride in her nephew's van a had a small tour ride of nighttime Bahía. Cristina was so nice she even called her sister in Santa Elena asking her if we could stay with her and her husband.

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