Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tattoo shop city

Bogotá is one of the largest cities around the world, maybe not the biggest I have ever seen (that honor goes to Istambul) but it's definitely huge. Even though is one of the biggest cities, still had some charm. By the way, it's South America's third highest city after La Paz and Quito.

In total I spent two weeks in Bogotá Distrito Capital. One of those weeks with Paula, who finally arrived.

Two things I noticed in Bogotá, among other things, are that despite the fact that is quite safe I saw policemen everywhere. Or was it exactly because of that I felt safe?

The evening I arrived I asked a policeman in the Transmilenio station if it was safe to walk around (I was carrying all my shit) and he said "there's nowhere in Bogotá that is entirely safe..." nothing happened to me that night and now I'm writing this in Armenia almost two months later these letters.

The other thing I noticed was that I have never seen so many tattoo shop in one city alone. Walking around La Candelaria neighborhood in the center of Bogotá I saw 5 or 6 tattoo shops next to each other! I never walked into one and ask how was a tattoo or if they charge by the hour, but in theory, if there are so many, the price shouldn't be high.

Paula and I got up very early one morning and went for a walk around the neighborhood we were staying which is called Chapinero, it was before 7 in the morning. We wanted to see how people behave on their way to work, to school, to the gym, to wherever. Basically we went out to see people... the result: GREAT!

After two weeks in Bogotá, as good as it was, it was time to leave. I think that one week is more than enough.

I didn't know that Colombians were so nice people. I mean, my experience had been great but when I got to Bogotá and posted in the CS local forum that I had a problem with my laptop (I still  have a problem with my laptop) I was absolutely surprise with all the responses I got. Even within minutes after the original post. Mauricio even helped me remotely once! Now, that the laptop has died I'm going to take the offer of a CSer in Pasto to fix it.

Bogotá is a nice city, has lots of nice parks. It's nice to walk around. Has more or less a nice public transport system. The Transmilenio is nicer but more expensive and a lot confusing.

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