Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Santa Elena

I thought we were not in a good place and that cars would not stop for us because we were down hill, but at least a turn was close so they would have to slow down.

Not a long time went by when a pickup stopped. He took us to Pile (?). We waited not more than 10 minutes and we were on the way to Puerto López. We ate something there and walked a bit. We were stuck there for a long time until we decided to take a bus to Santa Elena where a CSer was waiting for us.

I thought Santa Elena was a beach town but the closest beach is 15 km away. Nothing much happening here except for the fact that both Paula and myself used the last of our clean clothes. Laundry needed to be done ASAP but the cheapest was 0,35$ per pound and since we had ALL of our belongings dirty it was going to be expensive.

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