Wednesday, May 23, 2012

another straight ride to Quito

Like I said before, Baños is very small. So we only had to walk a couple hundred meters and we were already in the exit of town. We stood beside a petrol station when I saw another couple hitching a few meters down the road, before our spot. What the hell!? Haven't they heard of hitchhiking ethiquette? Obviously not. A small truck was parked next to us and when the driver returned I asked him for a ride. He was going to Quito but had to male two stops, one in Ambato to buy something and the other one in Latacunga to drop his cargo (glass windows).

We were back in Quito and we found ourselves yet again without a place to sleep for the night. My friend Sofi was busy for the next couple of days being impossible for her to host us. I still had the number of a CSer (from the first time in Quito) stored in my handy. We stayed practically a week with Daniel.

This time, we walked a lot and explored a lot of Quito we didn't see the first time we were there. I finally saw the Basílica del Voto Nacional. It's impressive! Although Quito is a lovely place, staying more than a week is more than enough. But this time I kinda had to. I needed to get the yellow fever vaccine in Ecuador because for sure it's cheaper than to get it in Colombia. I wanted to leave Sunday but the Centro de Salud is apparently closed on weeked (not really sure about that). Sofi said she would take me Monday but we didn't go. Tuesday after walking to the opposite side (of the Centro) there was no way that we could make it on time for the vaccine. Wednesday it time to leave, vaccine or no vaccine. Before leaving we went to get the damn shot which was free. I only needed to pay for the international certificate. Pay, with what money? I got the shot and the nurse gave me a receipt. I kept it hoping to get the certificate in Colombia. We left to the hitchhiking spot.

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