Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hotel in Patía, getting to Pasto pt. 2

In El Timbío we found a ride with a protestan guy to ''El Bordo''. How do I know he was protestant? because he was listening to the day before's sermon to the top of the volumen. I don't really believe in religion anymore and I don't have anything against it (everybody is free to choose) but what I don't (and never will I think) understand is why the guy on the radio had to scream instead of talking normal and why the driver had to listen to it at such high volumen. Anyways, we were stuck in El Bordo. At the entrance of town. We walked to a petrol station where we met a woman whose daughter lives and works in Poland. She offered us a place to camp in the place she was staying if later we couldn't find a ride to Pasto.

In the early afternoon we started walking towards that camping. She said it was "only" 5 km away. After a while of walking we saw a car stopping for us. It was Constanza and her husband!!! They took us to the hotel and since it was raining quite a lot they gave us a room instead of a tent. By the way it wasn't 5 km and they are the owners of the hotel.

We spent two nights being pampered, eating amazing food, talking with Constanza. One afternoon we overslept and when we were about to go out the room I heard some people coming. Somebody knocked the door and I opened. It was Chucho with two plates that he brought for us because they were ''worried" about us not coming for dinner.

Constanza told us that her hotel is featured in some guide, probably Lonely Planet. The hotel is awesome and its location is in the middle of nowhere. But in terms of hitchhiking that is not so awesome, specially (judging from my own experience) since hitchhiking on the side of the road hadn't worked for me so far.

After a while of waiting a car stoppe. I was very surprised that I didn't know if the car had stopped for us but it did! I couldn't believe it. And even better, Andrés took us all the way to Pasto.

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