Tuesday, May 22, 2012


When I was in Bogotá and posted in the local CS forum that I had a problem with my laptop, Alex offered me to help but he said that he was not in Bogotá but in Pasto. If I go there he could help me. Well, I was there and so we met, he helped us find a place to stay with the local firemen and fixed the laptop.

Pasto is not that different than Pereira. It's about the same size. The only big difference is the climate. When we first got there (after a lot of people told me that it was really cold) I thought that it wasn't. But as it was getting darker it was getting colder.

We met another CSer, Oscar. And also his wife. They showed us around a bit, and we had lunch together. In the evening we met again with Alex and went out. 

Staying in the firestation was great. We had our own room! They shared a small and simple breakfast every morning. They were laughing at everything! We are going to stop again and stay with them after we're done with Ecuador.

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