Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Don Luis

My dad is one of the greatest people I have ever known. He was not perfect but who is? He was extremely smart, ahead of his time. He was a computer geek, ever since I have memory there was a not only one but a couple of computers around home. He had some ideas that later on became successful, unfortunately he shared those ideas with some not nice people and they were stolen. He was one of the first people that started to used (the now non-existent I think) Palm PDAs.  I still remember that he gave me one to take on my first trip to Europe... I looked smart! But I'm not even half smart of what my dad was.

Like I said, he was a computer geek and he worked in banks. He was the man in charge of setting up the first 100% real time chain of bank machines in Central America in the early 80s. Working in IT took him to almost every country in the Americas. He traveled so often to the States that some cities he knew like his own, no GPS or maps or whatever. Me? well, even with a GPS I get lost.

He was a good dad. Sometimes he spoiled me but of course I didn't care! Like having a nice BMX that the same price of a scooter. Although I always wanted a scooter but to my mum's relief that I never got it. Once, I was very close to get it but didn't happened.

Not that I need some things to remember him but sometimes I go to places or see things that reminds me of him. He always wanted to go to Lake Tahoe, not sure why he didn't take my mum there when they were in San Francisco. He was still alive when I was there. His favorite cologne was actually that one, the original eau de Cologne, 4711. It was special for me to go to Köln (Cologne).

He was the one that encourage me the most to start travelling.  He loved to travel. When he was working for this bank in Guatemala sometimes he was out 3 weeks out of the month travelling on business. He always chose to fly out and in on weekend so he could enjoy the city he was going and not just work like a robot. Once we were in Miami and I'm still asking myself why my mum and I didn't want to go on that cruise to the Bahamas. I was young and stupid. I'm not young anymore...

I traveled almost all over Guatemala from 2008 until I left in 2009. He encouraged me by covering for me in my English class. He loved to teach. He was a university professor for a couple of years. He encouraged me to start travelling and never to come back. From the day I left until he couldn't talk anymore we talked every other day. Then he was so sick that he barely could talk.

He wanted me to be happy, I am. Ok, I had my moments but hopefully that won't happen again, soon. The last words he said to me in person were "I'm never going to see you again...". Those words came true this day three years ago.

I love you dad. I miss you.

Rest in peace Don Luis.

Luis Felipe Navas Perez
Father, entrepreneur, mentor, inspiration, counselor. 
18.01.1941 - 05.05.2010
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AnnaJo said...

Lo que es un maravilloso tributo. Simple, hermoso, afectando y habla de lo básico. Gracias por compartir con nosotros. Debe estar orgulloso de ti allí.

KarendQ said...

Cannot be better described! We miss u abuelito luis

Clau Navas said...

Don't forget about his tons of pet names when we called him, and Jean Paul Gaultier! He liked that one too! Our get together in Peten, our first plane trip (for me and my cousins)... his passion for his family... ayy me hiciste llorar! Te quiero, que te esté yendo bien!

Charlotte Acrobat said...

Wow, incredible. I have some strange salty water in my eyes. :'3 Beautifully written.ech

Edgar Navas said...

3 años...siento como si fuera mucho mas

Sir Maximus said...

Lastimosamente a veces se nos van muy rapido va vos...algo ke no esperamos , pero seguro estará en un mejor lugar y esperando el dia ke se puedan encontrar.
Que buen tributo a tu señor padre y seguro estarà feliz de haberte enseñado lo ke siempre quizo,allà donde estè.
Saludos y Gracias por Compartir tan excelentes Anecdotas .
Que estès Bien My Friend !!