Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I don't really know what to write about this really small town. It covers an area of just maybe a couple of kilometers but in that small area there are over 50 hostels, hotels, guesthouses and people's houses offering you a room to stay.
There are two things worth ti see there (not for free in one way or the other):
  • The trek to "Valle de Cócora". There's no park entrance fee but you have to pay for a jeep to take you there and back.
  • The "Don Elías coffee finca". You can learn how coffee is grown, harvested, peeled, dried, roasted but it's 5000$ the entrance. I know all that anyway. I learnt it with Julio before going to Ecuador. Maybe not the toasting part though.
There is a small hill with a not-so-impressive view of town with an impressive 238 step staircase all the way up!

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