Wednesday, June 27, 2012

boobs and arses

If there's one thing that I was really impressed by, not only in Cartagena but in all Colombia, mostly from Cali Northwards, is that most women have amazing boobs and huge arses. I don't know if they are real or not. Some boobs you can easily tell (I think) if they're fake or nott but the arses were huge. Me personally don't like them big.
Anyway, I'm back in Cartagena. I'm writing this last update, the last of my South American leg of my travels. Less than 5 hours before sailing away in the second boat I managed to hitchhike.
The first time I was here I spent only two nights and didn't actually see anything of the city besided the Old Town and Getsemaní (hostel area). This time I spent here 2,5 weeks looking for a boat so I got to see a bit more. The beaches for example.
For what I think it's the 99% of the people that come to Cartagena, the city it's only the Old Town and Getsemaní. Those are the only areas the vast majority of tourist hang out. Maybe with the exception of Manga: backpackers looking for a boat or coming in one arrive there.
Cartagena is more than that. 1,1 million people don't live in those areas. Another thing I don't understand is why publications like Lonely Planet call it something like "one of the most beautiful cities in the Americas" or "a jewel of a city". Why!!!??? Have they seen Olaya or the market or where the bus terminal is? I don't think so. They should say the Old Town is one of the whatever. And even there, it's a very, very dirty city: rubbish is everywhere on the streets waiting to be collected. For me, a colonial city is like Antigua: cobblestone streets, ruins, churches. Antigua doesn't have constructions higher than it's churches. Cartagena has high rises in the middle of Old Town! There are other towns that deserve the adjective of "most beautiful city".
My friend Carib was in Colombia so we met for in Cartagena for my birthday. It was awesome to hang out with him and remember the crazy shit we did in Guatemala three years ago. Also, for this of that reason we didn't meet in Europe twice. Funny thing, we met randomely in the Southern hemisphere.

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