Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fasching in Heidelberg

It was late and we didn't have a place to stay in KA so we decided to go to Heidelberg. It's a cute small town north of KA which was on our way north anyways. In the hostel I stayed I met Ailen. We went for a walk the following day having lunch at the university mensa where we met Karl. After talking with him for a while he said that he could give us a small tour of the town, he said that he had an hour free, that hour turned into five! We went to the church tower which has magnificent views of the old town. The castle is on a nearby hill and it's amazing! There is a gate and legend has it that the guy who built it did it in one night for his beloved. The thing is that is only an arch. Nothing on either side and it's in the middle of a courtyard. I guess he meant that the gate was the gate to his heart? Yeah, I know. I'm a hopeless romantic OR a I have a bit of imagination.

It was the last day of fasching (carnival) so there was a big parade in one of the main streets. People told me that I should've gone to Koln which has a bigger carnival but in fact big celebrations are not my cup of tea so this small fasching parade was awesome! There were people screaming all kinds of things in German. I saw a group of German kids singing so I started to lalalalal. The girl sang that she wanted a photo. With me! So we posed and when she was hugging me she grabbed my ass! It was not the last time that kind of thing happened that afternoon. Later I had my ass grabbed this time by two girls, one in each side. While walking we saw some boxes so we used them as a swiss cheese costume. We danced for a girl busking and she said something like "I've been doing this for a quite a while now but I have never had two chunks of cheese dancing for me". Karl left and Ailen drew whiskers on her face. The cheese was chasing the mouse all over the streets! We sure made some people laugh.


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Ailen said...

The gate, the gate. The ass, the ass. It was all so much fun ! Crazy day. :)