Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cheaper TGV to Karlsruhe

The distance between Berlin and Karlsruhe is about 700km. A lot but it's just about a hundred more than Utrecht - Berlin BUT you have to change motorways a few times and that what makes things tricky.

To sum things up I made a mistake and we ended up in the wrong place. By the time I figured out where we are it was late and we had to spend the night inside the restaurant of the petrol station. Last time I did this was with Ania two years ago when we were going from Zurich to Utrecht.

Following morning we went into a McCrap in a small town outside Nurnberg and from there we went to the place to hitch from Nurnberg towards Stuttgart. In the afternoon, after all day hitchhiking we were on our way to Stuttgart. The driver spoke Spanish left us in front of the Hauptbahnhof. We were tired, hungry and I didn't know where to go to start HHing to Karlsruhe so we took the train. We say on the timetable that there was a train leaving in a few minutes so we got inside. It was the fucking TGV! We knew that our tickets weren't for that train... when we got controlled I showed my best smile to the woman (she said that we had to pay the difference) and told her that we just saw on the timetable "Karlsruhe" and jumped in. I guess my charms worked because she said that next time if we had doubts we should ask at the ticket office. I will, I promise. I honestly thought I was never going to ride the TGV, I did at 240 kph!!!

Finally I was in KA. I met with Dimana. Last time I saw her was in Colombia before my birthday, where the temperature was like 250C... KA was a bit colder.

The next day I met with my good friend Sandra. When I first met her in 2009 I waited a bit more than 2 years to meet again. Since that time, less than 1 year, we've met three times so far. I like it! Let's make it more often!

A lot of people told me that there is nothing to do in KA and to be honest I wouldn't know. I didn't stay that long to really have an opinion about it which gives me an excuse to go back. That and to finally see Sandra's home town of course!

Karlsruhe means something like "Karl's resting place" and I think he's even buried inside a pyramid in Marktplatz. Fun fact: that pyramid is the northernmost pyramid in the world and there is someone buried inside!

We had to leave KA because we didn't have a place to stay so we headed to Heidelberg.

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