Monday, February 18, 2013

Kocham Cię Polska

I think I will never say that I will never go back to a place except if I really want to go back. When I left Poland in 2011 after spending the spring in Krakow I told myself that I was never going back. This is my 4th or 5th time in Warszawa... and actually Poland along with Belgium are the countries to where I have been the most times.

So here I was again in Warszawa. I didn't CSed, rather I would say I stayed with friends. A few weeks prior to coming I met Karolina and Ula in Tallinn when they stayed at the Alur for a few days and we immediatelly hit it off. They were nice enough to not laugh at my non-existent Polish.

We were supposed to arrive saturday but due to last shift's schedule (and another pretty factor) I left saturday, meaning I would arrive sunday very early in the morning. BUT arriving at 6 in the morning meant that we would have all day to walk around or I at least I thought so. I think I can say I know WAW pretty well by now. I knew everywhere Karolina was taking us but it wasn't a matter of that but it was all about the company. It was a funny and lazy sunday after all.

I've told my friend Ania countless of times that I was coming to Poznan and she later told me (with reason) that not until I come knocking at the door she wouldn't believe  I was there. Fair enough... knock, knock.

The last time I saw her was when I was living in Tallinn back in summer 2011, a year and half later I was meeting her again and Antonio her boyfriend, the "tiny" Italian ;-)

I had a lot of time for myself in Poznan due to Ania's exam season, Anto's thesis and Justin's bronchitis but it was alright, I like to be myself. I wrote in the local CS forum if anyone wanted to meet with me and I was surprised at all the SMS I received! I spent a lovely afternoon walking around town, learning about it. Paulina gave me a little tour, she's a history student so she knew a lot about the town.

2 nights for Poznan is definitely not enough and for sure it's not even close to be enough time to spend with friends. For that reason, Ania & Anto, I promise that I will go back!

After this last time in Poland I realized that for sure is one of my favorite countries, maybe because of the nice people I've met and keep meeting.  Maybe the fact that I had a couple of polish girlfriends has something to do with it, maybe the fact that is one of the easiest countries I've ever hitched, maybe because the people I've met were really nice to me. Maybe all of the above.

For all that... Kocham Cię Polska i do zobaczenia później.

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AnnaJo said...

Jejeje, que liiiindooooo leerte especialmente sobre Polonia que me ha visto nacer y que es mi sangre y mi alma hasta siempre!!!

Do zobaczenia wkrotce mam nadzieje ;)