Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hasta la vista... Tallinn

Found this quote written inside a book the other day:

"here I am.
life has taken an interesting curve.
my past known.
my future unknown...

the present, is up to me."

Is this life trying to play a joke on me, again? Because I had quite an interesting, intense and most of all, lovely last week in Tallinn.

My life has taken a sudden and interesting curve. I mean I'm happy but I'm not going to get carried away. It's time to take things slowly, to swim with the tide, to go with the flow. Once again Tallinn and its lovely people welcomed me. Once again working at the Alur (and its new for me staff) welcomed me again. Once againn I met awesome people and sadly once again I'm leaving.

I wrote before that one of the least things I noticed that changed in Tallinn is the weather. A lot has changed but I realized that it was me who mainly changed. Last year I wrote this about Tallinn: "(...) but chances are that I'm going to end up there drinking my life away." I'm happy to tell you that this in fact didn't happen. Maybe a few weeks ago I was drinking but then things happened and I stopped. I actually didn't drink my last night in Tallinn.

Tallinn has joined the list of places that apparently I can't be too far away from. The list includes Praha, Krakow and Belgium. So for this I won't say good-bye but hasta la vista... Tallinn.

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Anonymous said...

Interesante, creo que siempre en el camino uno va encontrando nuevos hogares, que sin duda alguna llenan y lo hacen sentir a uno pleno en el amplio sentido de la palabra.