Thursday, January 14, 2016

stupid visa problem strikes again...

I went to the Mexican embassy the other day to get the stupid visa to fly from Cancún back to Europe. I had one visa before but it was only valid for 6 months. 

I saw an ad on facebook of a company that can renew US visas. I took a look a it and just like I thought, it was very dodgy. But I checked the website of the embassy in Guatemala and indeed the visa can be newed if it expired no more than 48 months before. I'm still within that limit.  Last time I just send the passport to the travel agency along with the money (to pay for the visa) and got back my passport with a brand new visa.

Now, the process is the same as applying for the first time meaning that I have to ask for an appointment and might not be interviewed. Might.

For both countries, México and US I need to attach bank statements to the application. Bank statements that I don't have. Well, I do but they are from 7 years ago and the ones I need to show are from the three months prior. Mexican embassy told that I could go back with the stupids bank statements before noon. Of course I didn't. 

I was very disappointed and sad. I started to think of another way to get to Europe. I thought through Panama and the Dominican Republic but the flight from Panama to DR is double the price than the one to Belgium. 

Then to put the cherry on top of this disappointment cake, I received a message from my former boss in Portugal that I won't be working there anymore unless I have a working visa! For fuck's sake, is there a super natural power that doesn't want me back in Europe!?

Maybe I should go back to South America but then there is another problem: I need a fucking visa to enter Perú!!! And that is a huge country that could stop me from going to Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.


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