Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Wrong Way To Travel

I've been told, I've read and I've heard (when commenting other people's travels): "that is not the way to travel". What is then? What makes us travel experts that don't travel "the wrong way".

I was told once that I was scared of traveling because I like to go back to places I have been before. My friends in Poland, Holland and Belgium would agree on that. I was scared just because I like that? 

Everybody have their own way of travel. Some people like to pay for a week in an all inclusive, well I don't. Wouldn't mind if for some reason I end in one of those by any chance. I just wouldn't pay for it, even if I had the money. Some people like to live on a couple of euros a day. Some of my closest friends have this lifestyle, even tho they could live on 50€ a day.

Some us love to hitchhike. Some don't. It's not meant for everybody. Some like to pay for hostel and don't like CSing. I like both. Although in Europe I've only stayed in a handful of hostels (even counting the ones I've lived in). Not to brag about it but the few times I've hitchhiked between The Baltics and Spain, I didn't pay one single cent for accommodation.

While some people might say they've been somewhere just because they had an 18 hour layover at the airport and went sightseeing, I don't consider that being in one places, but that's my opinion. I actually had an 18 hour layover in Iceland but I don't consider having visited it.

My point is: there is no wrong way to travel.

There is a right way tho: the way you fucking want it not paying attention to stupid criticism.

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