Sunday, March 1, 2015

How Granada has “ruined” my life forever

I have been living in Granada for almost a year (in total). I left for three months which ended up being a short holiday in Eastern Europe (specially Poland and the heart shaped country, Lithuania), which is no secret that I love it there.
These are (some of) the reasons why living in Granada has ruined my life forever:
  • It’s cheap as fuck.
  • You can walk everywhere.
  • Thank God for chinos. Small Asian owned grocery stores that are open till late and where you can buy 1€/litre beer.
  • Tapas. Tapas can be a small meal while drinking. And best of all… they are free!

  • The (Mediterranean) Sea is only a bit more than an hour away.
  • The (Atlantic) Ocean as about three hours.
  • The Sierra Nevada is like less than  an hour.
  • Cheap alcohol: a small beer (33cl) in the supermarket is only 25cents
  • I have my own shot at my favourite pub, Hamelin.

  • The servers at my favourite café already know what I’m having: full English breakfast.

  • More tapas!!!
  • Nightlife starts after midnight.  Going out for tapas is going out for a drink before going out drinking.
  • Amazing and cheap breaksfasts!
  • Magnificent hikes that you can do on your own for free!
  • Nature, nature everywhere. 
  • Unfortunately, dog shit as well.

  • Free Spring rave-ish music on the hill behind Granada, a.k.a. Perdiz Tropical.
  • Another free rave in the (super) close town of Santa Fé, a.k.a. Dragon Festival.
  • Lovely weather even in February (sorry that my friend is in the screenshot).
  • Lack of appropriate heating and insulation but then again, there are only three months of winter.
  • Impressive Game of Thrones-ish like castle: Alhambra.

  • Kebab shops. I don’t know, there might me some debate here. Berlin’s kebabs are also very good, specially the one that is close to that U-Bahn station in Neuköln. Over here they are known by their Arabic name: shawarma. The one in the photo is called tarrina: it’s kebab meat with chips and shawarma sauce. Perfect drunk/hangover food.
  • More nature.

  • ok, this is mostly not nature but it was fun to go paragliding.
  • Joe Strummer lived here and has his own little square.

  • Free live music.

  • Impressive sunsets...

  • and even more tapas! 

So peeps, those are some of the reasons why Graná has ruined my life. When I hitchhiked to Lithuania last year, I was in Bilbao ordering a beer with my friend and the first thing I noticed was there was not food coming with the beer.

I was on the quest to find my happy place. I thought I found it when I spent an awesome year in Estonia but it was not until I came back here that I realized that this is the place that makes me the most happy in the whole world. Estonia was and is a very special place for me but this small city stole my heart from day... 54

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