Thursday, June 13, 2013

in transit

I've been wanting to write something since about a week ago but every time I sat in front of the laptop and... just that: I sat in front of the laptop and stared at the screen and no typing. I stared at the screen for 10-15 minutes but was not able to type anything.

Then a few days ago I tried again. I sat. I began to type. No, I try to type but nothing.

Then a few hours ago I gave it another try. Yep, you guessed it right: nothing.

Then I just sat one last time I just let my fingers do the trick and this is the end result: writing about not being able to write.

Some of you might know that I'm going through yet another very difficult stage in my life. Hmm, let me clarify that, this one is not girl-related. But then again, if it was girl related and if you know me, this wouldn't be so strange. Anyways, this situation got out of hand to a point that became ridiculous and even worse, humiliating. Hopefully I will get through it fast and learn from it. This experience taught that I DON'T have to trust anybody from now on. At least not entirely 100%. I will try not do it again.

Just a few minutes ago I watched the trailer of a documentary about travelling: in transit. The people interviewed in the documentary say things are so true. And like I read in another blog, one of the hardest parts of traveling is saying "good-bye". BUT also, as I proved with Andre, there is no really "good-byes" but" see you laters". And like somebody I met once said to me "you always meet good people at least twice in your life". Another hard aspect of traveling is when you meet someone and you feel like giving up everything. Even traveling. I almost gave up traveling because I was insanely in love with someone. To settle somewhere. I wrote about this a few times last year. After that experience I know it can happen again. I know it will happen again and I don't care.  I'm looking forward to it!

The good thing about Europe is that is a "small" continent. It's possible to hitch from Estonia to Portugal without crossing borders (you know what I mean). By this I mean that it's possible to visit people anytime. That's why I keep going to Belgium and Poland. Another good thing about Europe is that is "glued" to the other continents making possible an overland journey to South East Asia. The bad thing is the ever present visas. For some countries at least there is the ease of getting visas on arrival.

Traveling is not for everybody. Specially the way I chose to travel. Not that I'm travel guru or the ultimate traveler but not a lot of people would like to sleep wherever night may catch you.  As for me, that's the least of my concerns. Not that I don't want to sleep on a comfy couch but sometimes I just had to be creative to arrange my sleeping quarters. I started to travel alone but most of the times I met people, mostly girls (coincidence) and all of them, well at least most of them, shared my way of travels. Once in Portugal, me and Tine slept in the front entrance of an apartment building. Yasmin and me slept under the stairs at the Panamanian - Costa Rica Border. Paula and me, well in a lot of "outside" places in South America. 

Speaking of "goodbyes", I hope that I won't have to say soon...

ps. this laptop doesn't have a card reader so no photo this time :-(

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